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From Visual Anti-Establishmentarianism To Ubiquity & Back (GDC 2004)

Published March 26, 2004

Join John Gaeta, senior VFX Supervisor of the Matrix Trilogy, for a "stream of consciousness style" discussion regarding any one or more of the following topics: Computer Graphics for curing the criminally insane, high concept in a slow sucking vacuum, making a decision, how to destroy expensive motion picture cameras, hilariously violent yet enriching art forms, creative empowerment for the average joe, how to supervise the shattered, passion and heartbreak, applied focus and will, visualizing a way through, the evolution of hypnotic three dimensional television for the purpose of population passification, how to make a bad shot, subconscious design tips, talking like you know, the rise of telekinetic programming, the reincarnation of Virtual Cinema, moving faster then Hollywood bullets, schooling your grandparents on a PlayStation 3, imagining super humans, the monopolization and collapse of the visual effects industry, the gold standard, how producers kill, visual chaos, forgiveness, greed, respect for the past, the next thirty years of what?, sleeping dogs on hot summer days, the death of Matrix, how to switch it on, the persistence of Japan, light as super glue, how to properly set fire to hard drives, the business of immortality, selling intellectual property on the black market, why bringing your addictions to work is ill advised, how to convince people that your ideas are actually their own, finding inner peace in a world gone crazy, some other visual effects stuff, whatever you want to talk about.

Speaker: John Gaeta

Run time 1:20:44
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


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